TIMBER GIANTS RANCHTM is a parcrel of over 100 acres situated in Grayson, County, boasting over ½ mile of common boundary with the almost 12,000 acre Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge. The common boundary is 100% wooded, with generous timber depth, offering an element of safety and intrigue to local wildlife, similar to the refuge itself.

After surveying the refuge boundary from an aerial view (Google Earth), you will find that the ranch is truly unique, and with no peer.  After assessing the entire peremeter of The Refuge, one will discover that the large majority is pasture land.  This is what makes our parcel so unique.  We offer our clients an unparalleled opportunity to experience refuge-like hunts, hikes, and experiences, but with the EXCLUSIVITY and FREQUENCY that is not afforded with refuge hunts.

TIMBER GIANTS RANCHTM is the result of an ownership desire to have a place that offers the opportunity at Pope & Young grade animals, but without the travel time and disrution from everyday life that many South and West Texas leases require.     It offers a truly unique opportunity to hunt trophy whitetail deer (and other species) and is 1.5 hours directly north from downtown Dallas.  DFW clients of TIMBER GIANTS RANCHTM are able to have an exclusive and private lease close enough to get to after work, and to visit multiple times during the season without having to waste excessive time driving, burning gas, and paying lodging expenses.  Mature hunters know that time in the woods is as rewarding as the harvest.  Rather than paying for a one time "hunt" (term used loosely) to shoot animals w/ tags in their ears, clients have an opportunity to enjoy and entire season including multiple trips (and multiple deer) in a true fair chase setting.  There are NO KILL FEES, and no limit to the amount of quality time you can spend with your young hunter,  or time to yourself to slow down and decompress.  In about 1 hour, you can unplug from the noise, and submerge yourself in total peace and quite.

Conservation of, respect for, and good stewardship of both the land as well as the animals that traverse it, lie at the heart of TIMBER GIANTS RANCHTM. Animals are observed, respected, and (although not required) we encourage clients to harvest animals only when there is a reasonably high inclination that they will meet the minimum size requirements of The Pope & Young Club.  This criteria for harvest ensures that the animals are able to live a long lifespan, ensuring ample breeding opportunity for the sake of genetic preservation, and allowing these majestic animals to reach their full and highest level of maturity and potential. As most whitetail enthusiasts agree, a fully mature whitetail deer offers a dynamic that is not only unique in all of nature, but altogether majestic to observe. At TIMBER GIANTS RANCHTM, we desire to create an environment that allows both the animals and the humans that observe them, to experience all that nature has to offer.  
If you share a similar respect for, and are intrigued by nature in a manner that is consistent with our core principles, we welcome you to inquire about ways to experience the unique opportunity offered at TIMBER GIANTS RANCHTM.




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